Virtual Solo Show – Pierre-Yves RUSSO

From 25/03/2020 to 01/04/2020

Exhibition finished!




As an art gallery, we actively support our artists and their work. In collaboration with them, we adapt ourselves to offer you virtual art experiences, giving you the opportunity to make your confinement more enjoyable.

From their workshops, our artists are all the more eager to share their creations with you. Be ready for some weekly artistic surprises

Starting with the talented painter Pierre-Yves Russo.



From March 25 to April 1, plunge into the world of the artist Pierre-Yves Russo, true master of this very special light.

Lumières du Soir” is that time of day when the light is at its peak. The ideal time to capture all its nuances. Low on the horizon, the sun gives us a spectacle, the praise of light and shadow.

“The only subject of my paintings is light, I mean those delicate optical marvels that have always fascinated the human eye: reflections, transparencies, chiaroscuro, the declination of light towards the shadow, from the precision of details to the famous “sfumato”, the blur, which dissolves shapes in the mysteries of the shadow.
My compositions are a balance between geometrical rigour and fragility, between reflection and chance: diamond-shaped paving, rectangular tablecloths with marked folds, the meeting of geometrical surfaces… respond to fragile glass bubbles in suspension, to the fineness of a flower petal, to the uncertain flight of a butterfly… » – Pierre-Yves Russo