Galeries Bartoux

A family group

Galeries Bartoux, a family adventure.

Galeries Bartoux is an international group with 18 galleries located in France, Monaco, London, New York and Miami representing a whole new generation of artists.

The first galleries were inaugurated in cities whose history is associated with painting: Honfleur in 1993, Saint-Paul de-Vence in 1995. The opening of galleries in Megève and Courchevel followed. The entry into the heart of the international art market was first established in Paris in 2003, New York in 2007, London in 2015, Monaco in 2018 and Miami in 2020.

Democratizing the art market

The Bartoux family’s artistic approach is to interact with the public by making them aware of art while opening a window on new and exciting cultural values. The galleries are open spaces for collectors and passionates. The Bartoux Galleries are open spaces. They are places of exchange and meeting between passionate people from often different horizons. All creative and talented artists are welcome and have their place in the Galeries Bartoux.

The artistic choice, the architecture of the galleries and the customers service allow everyone to acquire a work and become an art collector.

Promoting contemporary art

Galeries Bartoux offers both great masters, confirmed artists and emerging artists. It is this alchemy that creates the DNA of the Galeries Bartoux group.

With an unconditional love of the women and men of art, and an in-depth knowledge of artistic professions, Galeries Bartoux helps to dispel prejudices and laminate differences.

The directors

Robert Bartoux
Founder, Executive Director
Isabelle Bartoux
Founder, Executive Director
Alexandre Bartoux
Executive Director
Charles Bartoux
Executive Director

The communication department

Laura Bartoux
Communication Manager

Artist relations

Sonia Bartoux
Artistic Sourcing