L’ART AU SOMMET 2023.2024 - Galeries Bartoux

L’ART AU SOMMET 2023.2024


“The silence that emanates from a work of art is called a symphony”.

Jiménez Deredia, Costa Rican sculptor



Over the years, the works of Grand Masters such as Salvador Dalí and Jean-Michel Folon, as well as those of contemporary talents such as Bruno Catalano and Lorenzo Quinn, have succeeded one another in transforming Courchevel and its summits into a veritable open-air museum,



For this latest edition of L’Art au Sommet, Galeries Bartoux wanted to highlight 8 monumental sculptures by an internationally renowned artist: Jiménez Deredia


For over 40 years, this master of “transmutative symbolism” has transcended marble and bronze to convey his ideas and philosophy. A symbol of balance, his spellbinding creations evoke a sense of permanence and timelessness in the universe. Embodying the past, present and future, his work invites us to live in harmony with nature in all its splendor,


Courchevel‘s aim is to raise awareness through this poetic art, and it was only natural to devote a solo show to this artist, who believes deeply in the dialogue between his art and the ever-evolving mountains!