JAMES COLOMINA - New collaboration - Galeries Bartoux

JAMES COLOMINA – New collaboration

Galeries Bartoux is proud to present its new collaboration with artist James Colomina.

James Colomina’s sculptures are installed in the street in a theatrical way to interact with the public. They are often positioned in emblematic places and create a contrast between the place, the work and the message they deliver.

Being hypersensitive by nature in the face of what he considers to be cruel news, James has gradually felt the need to create works that carry meaning, and to express through them the irony of the human condition. He deplores the inexorable loneliness of his species, its ease of manipulation, its penchant for self-destruction and intolerance, and likes to think that his sculptures are disturbing. Shocking in a poetic way thus constitutes a means of questioning, of questioning, of provoking reactions…

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