GALLERY STROLL - MIAMI - Galeries Bartoux


“Everything is changing, nothing is permanent, everything evolves” Carlos Cruz-Diez 

Cosmopolitan, dynamic and architecturally avant-garde, Miami’s Design District is the epicentre of American contemporary art. 

On the occasion of a ‘GALLERY STROLL‘, organized on Saturday, February 26th, a group of novices and art lovers were able to discover our universe for the first time.  

Our artistic advisors chose to present them with the masterpiece “INDUCTION OF THE ROSE N°206” (150 x 150 cm) created in 2016 by Grandmaster Carlos Cruz-Diez. 

A leading figure in kinetic art and an emblematic artist of our Miami gallery, the ‘Maestro’ has worked all his life on a new understanding of the chromatic phenomenon.  

Galeries Bartoux is pleased to contribute to the artistic influence of the Miami Design District and to amaze collectors around the world.