FRED ALLARD - Hôtel de Paris - Galeries Bartoux

FRED ALLARD – Hôtel de Paris

We are pleased to present the sculptures of the artist Fred Allard, in the famous  Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez. 

Fred Allard, an iconoclastic and timeless sculptor from Nice, is a new player on the international contemporary art scene. Creator of a fashion laboratory for several years, he keeps from this environment an imprint, a culture, an enthusiasm, which he uses as a basis for reflection in his work as an artist. His “Shopping bags” mark his signature and challenge us with the unique identity of each work made by the artist: a wave of poetic and charismatic chic that is impossible to duplicate. His sculptures freeze the codes of the street and luxury, which are opposed and opposed, found and assembled, to form a single entity.



1 Traverse de la Gendarmerie

83990 Saint-Tropez – France