Virtual Solo Show – Nadia Cascini

From 24/09/2020 to 28/09/2020
Art show start time
6:30 PM

Online Catalogue
Exhibition finished!


Galeries Bartoux is pleased to present the virtual solo show dedicated to the painter Nadia Cascini.


“Every time I encounter a new landscape, my greatest desire is to know the history of this place. Over the years and through my travels, I have understood that each place contains a space for the soul, both real and abstract, made of nobility, elegance, wealth and history. Thus were born the “Cathedrals” and “Castles” … or “portraits of the soul”, temples full of empathy, by choice or by tradition, whose time has consisted in blurring the contours and facades but leaving their charm unchanged. 

My stone ruins and sanctuaries, which I have called “SOULPORTRAIT“, have endured countless seasons, snow and stars, meadows and rituals. Wars have wounded them, but not killed them. Memory remains forever trapped in the stone, becoming sacred places. I have approached them with all the respect they deserve by using gold where the colour is not precious enough, I show them how they rise to the sky and merge with it. They are for me a new story in history.” 

Nadia Cascini 

On the occasion of this virtual exhibition, the artist’s book “Mon monde parfait” is available for sale.