Nadia Cascini was born in Arezzo, Italy 1970, where she spent her childhood and teenage years. Coming from a family of jewelers, she followed an artistic education at the Art Institute of her hometown, obtaining her goldsmith diploma in 1989. She continued improving her painting technique in different art schools over the following two years. Meanwhile, she discovers and admire the creations by Jackson Pollock and Lucio Fontana. Thus discovering another way to create, a more spontaneous one. Her first paintings are exhibited in Italy in 1992. Since then, she presents her work in Europe and the United States.

After using different techniques, Nadia Cascini finally chose oil painting in order to achieve the successive superposition of colors while preserving the unalterable tones at the same time. She maneuvers, with unusual ease, from one theme to another – landscapes, seascapes, musical instruments – giving importance to each light effect thanks to a harmonious range of color. In each of her paintings her desire for beauty and real life experience can be perceived. Nadia Cascini transmits to the viewer the real moment so he retains all the different features of the scenery. She transfigures the represented objects, removing all materiality in them in order to transport them into the spheres of imagination, fantasy and mystery.


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