From 08/07/2021 to 04/10/2021
Private view
Friday, July 9 at 7:00 pm
Exhibition location
Sur le front de mer, Étaples-sur-Mer
Art show start time
7:00 PM

Exhibition finished!

This summer, discover the monumental artworks of the artist Bruno Catalano along the port of Étaples-sur-Mer

Opening on Friday, July 9 from 7:00pm in the presence of the artist

The artist’s monumental works are exhibited on the city’s waterfront: Bleu de Chine, L’Aviateur, Non Finito, Black Man and a single suitcase

Bruno Catalano’s works are available for sale at Galeries Bartoux >> Discover his artworks


Reveal the « Traveler » in you !

Man in fragments, alone facing his destiny, the walker of Bruno Catalano seems attached to the world by a single object that allows escape: a suitcase.



Bruno Catalano began his career in 1990. The universal theme of travel has always inspired him. Since his first works in clay, hundreds of travelers have been born from his hands. The main drivers of his creation are exile and detachment. Bruno Catalano expresses the idea of a nomadic humanity, proud in its misfortune, in perpetual search for a better tomorrow. His unique and original works reflect the artist’s feeling of estrangement, torn away from his native country during his migration. This emotion is conveyed through a stripping down of the work by his process of inserting voids in his traveling figures.  Bruno Catalano’s talent lies in his ability to endow the elusive material with a transcendental essence. Being a romantic dreamer, his sculpted subject-cause takes shape in the fantastic setting of an ideal world where love, peace, beauty and harmony reign. These individual portraits are enhanced by everyday scenes of travelers, walking around with empty minds but transmitting a vibration, an unconscious sound. Bruno Catalano is trying to address the men of today, whatever their age, driven by the need to escape, convinced that they will find elsewhere the happiness they have not managed to achieve. Bruno Catalano was born in 1960 and now lives in Marseille.

Exhibition from July 8 to October 8, 2021