Art at the Summit – 11th édition

From 07/12/2019 to 26/04/2020
Exhibition location
Les 3 Vallées

Exhibition finished!

For this 11th edition of Art at the Summit, the resort of Courchevel and Galeries Bartoux are honouring two extraordinary contemporary artists known for their commitments.

This year, the rainbow vibrations of the artist JonOne will contrast with the white of the mountains. JonOne is one of the most talented artists of our time. His gestures, his sense of balance and his ability to handle colours fascinate. JonOne is a free, unclassifiable, bohemian and generous electron. For many years, he has been fighting with his weapons, the art of painting, alongside the Abbé Pierre Foundation against social inequalities. JonOne is an incredibly lively man, respectful of others. He is an example of generosity and empathy.

The ski resort of Courchevel is one of the first actors in raising awareness and playing a strong educational role in the importance of preserving the environment. This is why it seemed obvious to us to promote a great message, that of keeping hope in humanity, and more precisely in our youth, our heroes of tomorrow.