Born in Canada in 1959, Jane Waterous grew up in Brantford, Ontario. To pursue her love of all thing’s art, Jane attended Queens University, OCAD University, Sheridan College and New York University where she completed various degrees in art and film.

Jane began her career as a creative director in a multimedia firm then moved on to direct, produced and edited short films for Channel 4 UK. These short films would debut in multiple international film festivals.

In 1998 Jane left Canada behind and moved to Bahamas, where spending time in the islands with her family fueled her passion and focus for creating contemporary art with themes of Love, Life, Laughter and Family.

Fast forward 20 years and you can expect to see Jane’s art spanning an array of mediums and techniques. Jane’s Morse Series translate excerpts of stirring speeches, songs and poems into 3-D, light, dark and colorful dots and dashes of the universally recognized Morse Code.

Her Into the Blue Series uses highly textural slaps of brilliant blues to fill the sky and sea, the backdrop for children leaping with unbridled freedom. Jane’s Resination Series involves a unique, highly technical and yet fanciful application of resin, acrylic and marbles with vibrancy that pushes her love of color and playfulness.

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