Arnaud Lucet aka NoArt is a French artist born in 1965. Fascinated since his childhood by the world of machines, his work pays tribute in the industrial universe where the work of ” the hand of the man ” takes a central place. An artistic glance which finds in the urban and industrial iconography, the major aesthetic interest.

His first works concerned a photographic report of plots of land of skated and damaged walls, fragile atmospheres where the time seemed to have put its imprint, where the fate wrote by tracks and by coulures the lived of these spaces.

The design became the “alibi” advanced to offer to deprived objects a second chance, that of the resurgence under the lines of an unusual lamp, an ambiguous armchair or a table enigmatic and deserving of Jules Verne’s decoration.

Since his sculptures seized the material to become real objects, in volume in the service of messages. Faucets, gates, pipes and manometers, angular stones of his sculptures steelworker-fanatics, are so many invitations to manipulate, to exchange and to react.

Art pieces available

Coffre Millionnaire • 120 cm

Vortex Stargate • 130 cm



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