Devin Miles was born on 12 May 1961 in North Rhine-Westphalia and currently lives with his wife and three children near Hamburg.

After his training as a graphic designer and the resulting creative occupation with various materials and working methods, he concentrated fully on art from 2001. In the beginning he worked on canvas. Through his close interest in the design principles and techniques of Pop Art, the works of Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg or Tom Wesselmann, he developed various methods of colour application, ranging from brushwork to the use of airbrushes and hand screen printing.

Through his thirst for experimentation and his search for new creative expression, Devin Miles discovered aluminium plates as a painting surface in 2005. The plates of various sizes are brushed and painted by hand and printed with durable, lightfast colours. With the help of this manual screen printing technique, which is classic in the field of Pop Art, he incorporates photographic motifs such as portraits, architecture, vehicles, but also typographic elements into the respective image. The works are partially sealed with a special high-quality surface treatment which, on the one hand, protects them and, on the other hand, gives them a very special sheen, similar to the traditional varnish of a classic oil painting.

The depth and multidimensionality of Devin Miles’ paintings, which are rich in detail and filigree, created by the extremely careful handling of the most diverse techniques, testify to an enormous handcrafted quality that contrasts pleasantly with the industrially produced multiples.

Since 2017, works in aluminium have been developed and works with an enamel effect have been created. In 2018 he turned again to canvas, and now the new works in heated Plexiglas and especially the exclusive gold portraits make it clear: Devin Miles’ creativity knows no bounds. The creative process of exploring themes and materials is never finished. His art is literally a work in progress.

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