Anna Masters is a British artist born in 1982. She is a graduate of Staffordshire University Fine Art Department and the University of London.

Anna Masters uses a range of organic materials including petals, butterflies, clockwork, optical lenses, bank notes and costume jewellery.

These materials allude to personal histories and are often loaded with symbolic cultural representations. However, the progression of time robs these materials of their value and meaning: flowers die, jewellery breaks and ceases to be worn, banknotes are withdrawn from circulation, clocks stop working.

By suspending these materials on transparent nylon, Masters creates the illusion that the objects are floating in the air, defying gravity and perhaps time. 

Many of his installations are time-limited, existing only for a short period of time before being destroyed, and remaining only a memory for those who have experienced them. In this way, Masters’ works allude to the temporality of the moment, the fragility of memory and the meanings we attribute to the things around us.


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