Fernando BOTERO


Fernando Botero Angulo, born April 19, 1932 in Medellín, is a Colombian painter and sculptor known for his characters with round and voluptuous shapes. Having ironically nicknamed himself «the most Colombian of Colombian artists”, he is one of the few artists who found success and fame during his lifetime. His career really began in 1958 when he won the ‘Colombian Living Artist’ first prize at the Salón de Artistas Colombianos. Throughout his many trips to the United States and Europe, Fernando Botero has developed a style of his own, which ‘Still Life Mandolin’, dating from 1957, is the first manifestation. This style, which can be noticed both in his paintings and drawings as in his sculptures, allows him not to be associated with any currents or movements, past or present. His work is also largely inspired by pre-Columbian and folk art. The artist lives and works in Paris, but also in New York and in Pietrasanta near Lucca in Tuscany.

Art pieces available

Man smoking • 40x31cm • Oil on canvas

Donna Seduta Su Cubo • 43,18×26,99×31,75cm • bronze

Maternita • 24x57x30cm • bronze

Mujer con Paraguas • 43.7×35.5cm • Crayon et gouache sur papier

Two Acrobats • 41x31cm Crayon et aquarelle sur papier

Small Seated Woman • 32×25.5x42cm • Bronze


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