Roman Feral born in Paris, France (1990) is a new artist in the international scene of contemporary art. His artistic nature was evident from a young age and was quickly discovered for his creativity, talent and dexterity by the art world.

The emerging artist has gained recognition and interest for his innovative, unprecedented works on Luxury Brands such as Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Chanel or Cartier to name a few. His vision is to give a new dimension and emotion to luxury items. Autodidact and perfectionist with a deep understanding for luxury and design. He crafted a new technique working with natural butterflies setting them airborne. Creating the illusion that they are flying forever stuck in time and granted a new life. His skills are defined by meticulous attention to detail. Each of his works are the perfect combination, a re-invented timeless piece through a creative perspective.

Art pieces available

Love cube • 28x28x28cm

Coffre Chanel Azur • 54×40x40cm

Coffre Chanel Sunrise • 54×40x40cm

Chanel Monochrome • 54×40x40cm

Chanel Pure II • 54×40x40cm

Louis Vuitton Tresor Azur • 46x41x41cm

Love Cherry Blossom • 27x27x27cm

Love Pure II • 27x27x27cm




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