Etienne is a French sculptor born in France in 1952. Etienne expresses himself simultaneously in figurative and abstract terms. He opens the sculptural form and searches for organic balance, mastering the balance between fullness and emptiness. Works of ETIENNE express the climax of moments when humans encounter, spiritually or artistically. In each of his work, he seeks beauty, which will guarantee the sustainability of the work. His sculptures, built on oppositions, have the peculiar distinction of registering the moment within the movement. Each work challenges our imagination and our relationship with the founding values of thought. His work is about architecture, construction, composition, light and symbols.

Art pieces available

Le violoncelliste • 103x63x48cm • Bronze


Le violoniste• 87x42x48cm • Bronze


Tchin Tchin • 43x54x41cm • Bronze


Piano • 50x120x100cm • Bronze


Baiser sur la bouche • 40×46.5x24cm • Bronze


Baiser secret • 63x56x27cm • Bronze


Le baiser• 60x35x18cm • Bronze



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