Mickey - HIRST DAMIEN - Galeries Bartoux
Victory over death - HIRST DAMIEN - Galeries Bartoux


Damien Hirst is a British artist (sculptor, printmaker and painter) born in 1965. He is the leader of the Young British Artist movement born in the late 80s. Famous for his cows preserved in formaldehyde, Damien Hirst made art with almost anything: cigarette butts, painting, videos… He is a skilled entrepreneur who knows about the market. Hirst nourishes a reflection on decay and death. His recent works resonate with fears affecting health, genetic manipulation, aging … The artist and his work provoke on the viewer the same fascination specific to freak shows. His main works includes: “Lifeless Forms”, 1991 (London, Tate Collection); “In and out of love”, 1991 (London Saatchi Collection); “The prodigal son”, 1994 (London, White Cube Gallery).

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