ARMAN-3.5 La promesse du bonheur-190x100x70 cm - ARMAN - Galeries Bartoux
Baroquial - ARMAN - Galeries Bartoux
Violon Rothschild - ARMAN - Galeries Bartoux
Hommage à Yves Klein 3 violons - ARMAN - Galeries Bartoux
Instrument de musique et traces de couleurs or - ARMAN - Galeries Bartoux
Pinceaux et trainées de peintures sur violon - ARMAN - Galeries Bartoux


Born in 1928 in southern France, ARMAN become familiar with the objects of his father’s antique shop at an early age. He began painting at 10 and met with Yves Klein at 19. After studying at the Decorative Art School of Nice and the Louvre School in Paris, he went teaching in Madrid. Back in France in 1951, under the influence of Serge Poliakoff and Nicolas de Stael, he decided to sign his work with his first name: Armand, which, due to a printing error on his invitation cards would become ARMAN. In 1961 he made his first exhibition in New York, using new materials: polyester and Plexiglas, multiplying his works and exhibitions in the wake of the 60s. He then settles in the United States, frequently coming back to Europe to exhibit his work. Succeeding the “accumulations of objects”, he began in 1962 the “combustions” and with his growing success in the 1980s and 1990s, the range of his works and his technics widen. Several monumental works are ordered from him for the Elysée Palace, the Saint Lazare railway station in Paris, the Lincoln Center in New York, Dallas, Beirut … Unfortunately, the artist passed away in October 2005. His works are today in major collections and museums around the world.

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