Keith Haring was an American artist born 1958, died 1990. He started commercial graphic studies then integrated the Visual Arts School in New York. He tried collage, painting, installations, video and drawing. In the 80s, he discovered other means of expression and created his works in the streets, in the underground and different New York warehouses. He made thousands of his dynamic drawings. Haring’s signature consists in an endless repetition of synthetic forms with bright colors and underlined in black. It is a permanent story with babies crawling on their knees, dolphins, television sets, barking dogs, snakes, angels, dancers, androgynous figures, flying saucers… His first personal exhibition took place in 1982 in New York. In 1985, he was invited to the “Biennale de Paris”. Since then, his international fame wouldn’t stop increasing. He realized numerous prestigious commissions such as the fresco of the Hospital Necker in Paris. In his desire to meet a large public and make his art accessible to the largest number of people, he opened in 1986, in the Soho district (NYC), his Pop Shop. This initiative was supported by his mentor, Andy Warhol. He cooperated with artists such as Madonna, Grace Jones, Timothy Leary, and William S. Burroughs. His main works are: “Subway drawing”, 1980-1984 (New York, Hyde Collection Art Museum) ; “Autoportrait”, 1989 ( Florence, Galleria degli Uffizi).

Art pieces available

Andy mouse • 96x96cm • Sérigraphie


Dog • 110x84cm • Sérigraphie


The fertility • 106x127cm • Sérigraphie


Sans titre • 71x79cm • Sérigraphie


Mickey Dollar • 70x70cm • Sérigraphie


Sans titre • 60x80cm • Sérigraphie



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