Official Statement - Galeries Bartoux

Official Statement

Galeries Bartoux has been based in London at 104 New Bond Street for the past five years displaying a selection of our very finest artists.
Fred Allard is exclusively displayed in London and for many years by Galeries Bartoux. All our agreements with Fred Allard stand on this condition.
We were surprised and dismayed yesterday (05/08/2020) to discover that the gallery adjoining our London premises is now displaying some of his artworks.
Despite the fact that they own these artworks, such display is going against the artist’s wishes we have been told.
Whether works are left on deposit for sale or entrusted to a gallery, moral and intellectual rights of creators must be respected.
Fred Allard is currently undergoing this situation and Galeries Bartoux will ensure that his rights will be enforced.

Robert Bartoux
Chairman of Galeries Bartoux