"L'EMPEREUR" - Michel Bassompierre - Galeries Bartoux

“L’EMPEREUR” – Michel Bassompierre

To mark World Penguin Day, we would like to highlight ‘L’EMPEREUR’, the new creation by Michel Bassompierre for his exhibition ‘LES GÉANTS DES GLACES’ at the Oceanographic Institute in Monaco.

For the first time, the gentle sculptor is focusing exclusively on polar fauna. It is very rare in his bestiary for the artist to present two animals on the same sculpture: an adult accompanied by a juvenile. The design of this new sculpture required considerable work on the part of Michel Bassompierre, who meticulously studied the morphology, skeleton, muscles and attitudes of this new ‘colossus’.

This majestic bird is now forced to go further and further to feed its offspring. Through this new monumental work, which greets visitors as they enter the museum, the artist is raising awareness of global warming and its consequences for the ice pack.