Virtual Solo Show – Seaty

From 11/03/2021 to 28/03/2021

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Exhibition finished!

He paints on walls, creates on canvas and reinvents himself on cardboard.

“The idea of using cardboard to make my works came to me during the first confinement when I ran out of material and found myself unable to commission canvases.

I found myself faced with a large quantity of cardboard piling up in my studio and, as I wanted to keep the urban spirit in my creations, the medium was ideal !

Before painting on the cardboard there is a little bit of work that needs doing in order to achieve the final result which will then allow me to start my creations and these involve cutting, assembling, painting to get the aged and worn effect I want.
It is true that there is a desire to promote recycling and to give a second life to a small piece of cardboard. It has even been a personal challenge to upgrade materials that are no longer used to create a unique work. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed… » – Seaty

Dwarka – 100x90cm – Mixed media on canvas

Madison – 105x80cm – Mixed media on cardboard