A generous gift for his collectors

“Genius lies in instinct” – Friedrich Nietzsche

After a year of work, artist Bruno Catalano has just unveiled the sculptures of the winners of his great Instagram contest: #brunocatalanoexperience.
Guided by his mysterious artist instinct, he selected a young Italian student, a travel lover and a son holding his sick mother by the hand.
Last week, Bruno Catalano presented each of his new models with a copy of their sculpture: a shocking revelation, as he was able to bring to light physical and emotional aspects of the winners that they themselves sometimes inaugurated:

“When I discovered my sculpture I was struck by the confident, assured look. It is a facet of my personality that I was not aware of but that Bruno Catalano was able to represent” – Aurora Ro
True catalysts of emotions, these works of art, with their original stories and themes, have already moved art lovers.

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