Guy Walter is a French artist born in Mulhouse in 1965. The choice of Altuglas (a material similar to Plexiglas) for his sculptures is an obvious one.

This luminous material, soft to the touch like silk velvet, never obstructs the eye or the horizon.

When Guy Walter begins a new project, he knows nothing about the sculpture to come, only the desire to create.

The first step is to make a drawing, and the shapes come to life on a blank sheet of paper. Then the sculptor imagines and creates the volumes by carving in transparency.

In his assembly cabin, away from the dust, he arranges the Altuglas sheets and gives life to the shapes, sculpting the interplay between transparency and color, cutting them and then polishing them.

When the work is finished, the air bubbles capture the material, and the light takes possession of his creation and travels through it ad infinitum.

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