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François Van den Berghe was born in 1951 in France in a small town in the ‘Eure et Loire’ department. It is in Gabon, where he lived for twenty seven years, that he had his first contact with wild fauna. Provided with an equatorial climate, this African country offered him the opportunity to express his taste for adventure and nature. There he had the occasion to meet and collaborate with the imminent specialist of African elephants – Cynthia Moss.

François Van den Berghe returned to France in 1988 and since 1995, as an autodidact, entirely dedicated himself to sculpture and particularly to figurative animal sculpture. He first created elephant sculptures with terracotta with very strong character, dealing with the similarities and problems encountered and shared by these animals and human beings, such as birth and death, love and independence and the right to exist. After years of researches he perfected his sculpture technique with bronze, preserving the realism and the narrative perspective of his pieces. This new material allows him to reach new subjects which were impossible to realize with terracotta.

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