Salvador DALI


Born in Figueras May 11, 1904 and disappeared in 1989, Salvador Dali is one of the most famous artists of the twentieth century. It is also through his personality that Dali is unique. Dali was a creative genius, one of the greatest painters, designers and colorists, sculptors of his time…but he was much more than that. He was a man of his time, summarizing in himself all the contradictions of the twentieth century with his relation with art, religion, money and politics. Often we think we know everything about Dali and we are wrong. We can only distinguish his media reflection, the provocative public figure he was pleased to embody. We forget that he was primarily an artist whose countless jokes and facetiae had for ultimate goal to give him necessary freedom to the development of his art.

Art pieces available

Minerve rend sa liberte à Ulysse • 45×38.5cm • Aquarelle encre


Telemaque part à Pilo • 45x38cm
Gouache sur papier


Transfert des traditions
64.5x50cm • gravure sur peau d’agneau


Moise et Akhenaton •
64.5x50cm • Technique mixte, gravure sur peau d’agneau


Enlisement d’Horus
64.5x50cm • gravure sur peau d’agneau



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