Cécile Plaisance, born in 1968 in Paris, France, is a contemporary French artist photographer.

She is particularly known for her lenticular photographs, a technique that uses special lenses to create images that change depending on the viewing angle.

This technique gives her photographs an almost cinematic quality, creating an immersive and engaging experience for the viewer.

This effect is achieved by following several key production steps: the choice of the lenticular sheet, the digital photography, the output process (film or CTP), the printing and finally the positioning of the lenticular sheet.

Cécile Plaisance’s photographs are often abstract and experimental, using bright colors and geometric shapes to create intriguing compositions.

The artist photographer uses universal icons such as Barbie, film icons and catwalks. Behind the symbols, there is the power of appearance, the personal demands, the communicated dream, the factory of the world.

Plaisance admires women as much as she loves men. Her work is not a fight, nor a war of the sexes. It is an ode to the freedom of women everywhere.


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