After working in the European financial markets for 10 years and then in the media (IT), Cécile Plaisance decided to make what she had always dreamed of doing come true: photography; with simple questions behind her images: the difficulty of being a woman, the tyranny of religions, the need to laugh and embellish our lives… and a thousand other subjects that she enjoys crushing daily.

Cécile Plaisance uses universal emblems such as Barbie, cinema icons or podiums. Behind the symbols, there is the power of appearance, the personal requirement, the communicated dream, the factory of the world. The artist admires women as much as she loves men. His work is not a fight, nor a war of the sexes. It’s an ode to femininity. To love. It is an expression of the need to find male-female balances.

Art pieces available

NUN OLGA • 70x57cm ou 125x95cm • Lenticular print

HANNA IN BURKA • 70x57cm • Lenticular print

BURKA HERMES • 165x125cm • Lenticular print

BURKA PROFIL ALEX • 165x125cm • Lenticular print

KAHLEESI (fond roses) • 125x95cm • Lenticular print

INDIENNE (couleur) • 125x95cm • Lenticular print

NUN ALEX AND BABY DUNE • 125x95cm • Lenticular print

THE KISS • 70x57cm • Lenticular print

WIDOW • 70x57cm ou 165x125cm • Lenticular print

WIDOWS • 70x57cm ou 125x95cm • Lenticular print

WORDS (plein pied) • 125x95cm • Lenticular print

CHANEL JACKET • 70x57cm ou 165x125cm • Lenticular print

MY KOON’S DOG • 57x57cm • Lenticular print



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