Marc Peltzer is a French artist born in 1962 in Saint Germain en Laye, France. The urge to paint came to him toward the age of 20, as he wanted to follow the example of his father. Very quickly he got hooked. Practice and experience allowed him, step by step, to find his own technique. His first exhibition took place in 1987 at the Artist Show of Suresnes. Then, exhibitions followed in France and the USA. He quickly became a virtuoso of the glazing technique. Marc Peltzer’s personal touch is in his inspiration. Between futuristic and medieval visions, we veer between two worlds. Influenced by the Flemish painters as for colors, light and atmospheres, his subjects are the cities which plunge the audience into a world close to either François Villon or Victor Hugo. He charms with his so personal universe, close to fantasy, where you would like to get lost, and where the mere presence of a cat could disturb your wandering.

Art pieces available

Lantre de la caravelle • 120x60cm • Huile sur toile


Retour du printemps • 35x75cm • Huile sur toile


Les gargouilles de notre dame • 61x38cm
Huile sur toile


Hotel de la licorne • 61x50cm • Huile sur toile


La taverne du phare • 55x46cm • Huile sur toile



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