The creation method of Marie-Paule DEVILLE CHABROLLE is a personal adventure. Every meeting, every crossed country, every suspected image, every emotion participates in her creation process. Sculptures and red chalk drawings form a whole, a global method. She spends two years studying at the Fine Arts Faculty of Phnum Penh in Cambodia, two years at the Fine Arts School of Pau. The tears, the ochre and the golds of Morocco, the evident beauty of the Khmers sculptures, her work outlines a world of balance and silence where everything leaves its imprint. It is through the density of memory that one should look for this strong desire of a more retained than suspended time. Today she explores new landscapes, populated with characters stemming from a legend which would be quite personal to her. Her work is recognized by the Accademia Internationale ” Greci Marino » in Italy. In 2000, she was chosen to create the French Marianne de l’ An 2000 under the features of Laetitia Casta. Daum edited two of her sculptures. Marie-Paule DEVILLE CHABROLLE is part of numerous private collections in the world. Her internal journey is not finished yet and neither is that of her works…

Art pieces available

Soir d’hiver • 86x36x23cm • Bronze

Contemplation • 70x53x50cm • Bronze

Heloise • 43x31x19cm • Bronze

Le Jardin secret • 98x45x27cm • Bronze

Alba • 40x22x11cm • Bronze

L’indolente• 44x50x33cm • Bronze

Plus un bruit • 78x73x37cm • Bronze




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