Luc Lavenseau has been painting from an early age, experimenting with a variety of techniques including watercolour, dry chalk and pastel.

After training at the Beaux-Arts Academy in Bordeaux, he devoted himself fully to oil painting.

Inspired by the great Impressionist painters, Luc Lavenseau creates arworks that are somewhere between dreamy and modern.

From travels to the magic of the circus, his canvases are imbued with the candour and nostalgia of childhood.

By placing emotion at the heart of his creations, the artist aims to make us aware of the beauty of life.

In his work, the generosity of the flat areas of paint contrasts with the meticulousness of the details.

The geometric shapes that punctuate the background of his paintings are a way of bringing vibrancy, character and a certain uniformity to his artwork.

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