Kozo, born in Israel, is an artist famous for his colourful, microrealistic tattoos.

His fascination with art began early in his childhood. He studied art during his primary school years, drawing, sculpting and painting for years before trying a new kind of canvas: human skin.

Today, Kozo is returning to his roots as an artist. He is bringing his tattoo designs from the pop culture that has taken over social media to traditional mediums such as canvas and paper, to create unique masterpieces.

His art is known for its regular lines, smooth gradients, precise details and beautiful micro-tattoo designs.

His creations are called minimalist because he believes less is more, but they are about telling stories and connecting people and cultures.

He is inspired by traditional painters such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Jacques-Louis David for their paintings, as well as their perseverance and work ethic.

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