Kadir Akyol was born in 1984 in Mardin (Turkey). In 2008, he graduated from the painting department of the University of Mardin’s Faculty of Fine Arts. In 2011, he obtained his master’s degree from Ankara’s Gazi University, and that same year began a second master’s degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Seville. His first portraits bear the marks of the 1980s, when popular culture spread throughout Turkey’s neo-liberal economy.

Kadir Akyol is best known for his extremely colourful and detailed oil paintings on fabric. In his new ‘INCEPTION’ series, the artist seeks to unite East and West through a harmonious combination of different periods, concepts and mythological symbols. With his perfect mastery of volume and depth, his mythological gods and goddesses merge with contemporary icons, while Anatolian (Turkish) motifs blend with modern aesthetics.

The painter infuses his creations with the energy of the present, the inevitability of change and the transductive power of human beings. He evokes the idea of surpassing oneself in order to enter into a profound dialogue with the viewer.

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