Josepha was born in the South of France in 1950 and owed her first name to her mother’s Italian origin. She began her career as a fashion designer. In spite of the international success which she gained, her creative thirst incited her to confront with other materials. Thus, at the beginning of 1990, JOSEPHA chose to dedicate herself completely to sculpture. The man with whom she shares her life, having evolved in the world of plastic arts, accompanied her first steps. JOSEPHA experimented with clay, stone and bronze, finally discovering the perfect medium for her to express her colorful whims : polyester. JOSEPHA’s sculptures live, move, breathe ! From bronze are born sensual attitudes, marked by gravity or musing daydreams. The polyester gives life to naughty Venus with generous forms and colors. The effects of laces and net, materials and accessories bring the sensual delight and the extreme femininity of each of her creations. French artist of international fame, JOSEPHA exhibits her works in Europe, in the United States, as well in Asia. She has clearly taking her place as one of the foremost sculptors of our time.

Art pieces available

Automne • 86cm • bronze nickel


Envolee • 88cm • bronze nickel


J’ai une surprise • 86cm • bronze nickel

Kamana • 90cm • bronze nickel

Marilyn • 83cm • bronze nickel



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