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French artist in her sixties, Josepha first worked as a lingerie stylist for the well known fashion brands in Paris. Though her international success as a stylist, her permanent need to create, naturally leads her to start painting. Supported by her husband, sculptor himself, she slowly dedicates her time and skills to sculpture. Her curiosity leads Josepha to try all types of materials she can find : clay, stone… but it really is polyester resin that allows her to fully express herself.

Josepha’s work is a tribute to Woman. Proud, sensual, elegant, as the artist herself who gives us some parts of her colorful personality in each one of her creations.

Today, Josepha is seen as one of the most important sculptors of her generation. Her voluptuous sculptures, full of life and poetry belong to these established names such as Botero or Nikki de Saint Phalle.

Josepha works on both materials: resin and bronze, with the same dexterity. The artist always creates patinas of the highest level, such as the finesse and precision we can find in her handily painted resins.

Her work is full of colors, details, the lace-like effects, the luxurious fabric, the accessories give all the voluptuousness and the extreme womanhood to the artist’s original creations.

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