Children meet Magritte - GULLY - Galeries Bartoux
Children meet Banksy, Gully, Obey and Jonone - GULLY - Galeries Bartoux
Children meet Picasso, Hopper and Hirst - GULLY - Galeries Bartoux
Children meet Warhol in the Castle - GULLY - Galeries Bartoux
Gully and the children meet Picasso - GULLY - Galeries Bartoux
Children meet Lichtenstein - GULLY - Galeries Bartoux
Girl meets Banksy and Basquiat - GULLY - Galeries Bartoux


GULLY’s art concept comes from a movement called « appropriation ». It’s a conceptual art from the 70’s and 80’s which started with artists like Richard Pettibone or Mike Bidlo. GULLY uses art icons, especially those he sees as masters and he paints them. He makes them meet each other in his paintings and sometimes add a bit of his own graffiti universe. He has already made some artists meet each other, like Rockwell, Basquiat, Hooper, Warhol, Koons, Klein, Haring, Prince, Banksy, Os Gemeos and keeps doing it as soon as he is inspired by new artists. GULLY’s art is, according to his word, “the liberty to pay a sort of homage” to artists he loves.

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