Gully is a French graffiti artist born in 1977 in the Val d’Oise. From 1992 onwards, he practiced graffiti intensively, before becoming a full-fledged studio artist in the mid-2000s.

He changed his pseudonym to preserve his anonymity. Gully’s art blends all artistic currents, from hyperrealism and Pop art to surrealism and cubism, to create a narrative pictorial work that spans the history of art.

Gully symbolizes the carefree, youthful mischief that lies dormant within him. Convinced that the adult should never be disconnected from the child, the painter places the childlike figure at the center of his work.

In his canvases, the figures no longer simply gaze at the perfectly reproduced paintings of the grandmasters but interact and play with them in a specific context. Gully wants to tell the story of his passion for art through innocent eyes.


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