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Born in 1991 in Vichy, Julien Durix is a full time painter since 2012. After two years of art studies, he quickly started practicing with a personal style, depicting the characters of his childhood dreams.

Superheroes have always punctuated his work. He paints as he breathes, and in his works, full of strength and dynamism, superheroes have power and transport us into their fantasy world.

Each work of this young artist is a story: Superman and the Mona Lisa form a romantic couple, so as Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn. Mickey, wants to conquer the world to share his message of love …

Julien Durix likes to mix different eras and characters in order for us to better understand the look of his superheroes on our world. In his paintings, only tenderness and poetry are important.

The Acrylic paints of this artist, carefully sketched, are not collages or print – the precision of his touch brings out the colors vividly and highlights the features of the figures.

At only 25 years old, he demonstrates an inexhaustible inspiration, a near perfect technique and an already recognized talent. He is thus an inevitable figure of the world of contemporary art, as a worthy heir of Pop Art.

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