Léo Caillard was born in Paris in 1985. After graduating from the École des Gobelins, he moved to New York, where he studied the art scene.

At the same time as studying art history, he began a career as a photographer, while conducting research in the field of 3D.

As a neo-antique sculptor, Léo Caillard plays with our relationship with time. By using humour and anachronisms in his creations, he aims to create surprise and arouse the curiosity of his viewers.

Inspired by science, the sculptor invites us to take a fresh look at our times, open to history in order to rethink the future.

Sculpting marble with his hands with extreme virtuosity, his meticulous and scientific approach is reflected in his poetic and subtle artworks, where conceptual creation seeks to highlight the dialogue between solid and abstract matter.



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