Annalù, (A. Boeretto) was born in San Donà di Piave (Venice, Italy) in 1976.
Annalủ, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice (1999), lives and works in her “palafitte” home by the river Piave in Passarella di San Donà di Piave, Venice.

Since 2001 her works have been shown in numerous personal and collective exhibits in Italy and abroad.
For several years she has been developing a sculpture and installation work in Italy and abroad.
A disciple of metamorphosis, intent on penetrating the mysteries of creation, the artist able to assemble incongruous elements such as resins and paper, bark and glass wool, bitumen and sand, cement and roots, in order to create new realities, worlds suspended and imaginary architecture where alchemy is lightness. Her work features deeply lyrical and evocative characteristics, but also a huge formal impact, with images of involving power and exalted symbolic allure.

Art pieces available

Dreamcatcher n°132 • 100x100x15cm

Dreamcatcher n°162 • 160x160cm

Dreamcatcher n°135 • 160x160cm

Dreamcatcher n°73 • 130x130cm

Cloud • 94x90x32cm

Kasa • 60x47x55cm

Evergreen bubble • 65x50x95cm

Fukinagashi Red • 75x70x35cm

Spread • 100x60x60cm


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