ERRO is an Icelandic artist born in 1932 in Ólafsvík, in the northwest of Iceland. Admitted to the Reykjavik School of Fine Arts in September 1949, he graduated in 1951 to become an art teacher. In 1952, he traveled to Norway where he studied printmaking, mural painting at the academy in Oslo. His first solo exhibition took place in 1955 in Florence à la ‘Galleria Santa Trinita’. In 1958, he settled in Paris where his work is revealed in the context of the Narrative Figuration movement (Arroyo, Adami, Klasen, Rancillac, Monory …). During his travels around the world, Erró collects images (advertisements, photos, cartoons, posters, political documents) that are his source of inspiration. He selects, assembles, and accumulates them to his own pleasure and always with humor, sometimes with anguish and violence, to form on the canvas a result that can be as read as viewed. In some of his compositions, he cleverly inserts characters from paintings by Ingres, Delacroix, Léger and Picasso, who would find themselves living together with movie stars, politicians or revolutionaries and bloodthirsty comic hero. He often works in series: Chinese cycles, political, erotic. “I need efficient equipment and, during my travels, I search everywhere in discount and book stores. I accumulate a huge amount of material, and when I meet a lot of images relating to the same theme, it’s a sign to start a series.” The process is then to select images, and “marry” them together to create collages and paintings. In June 2001, the Erró Collection of the Reykjavík Museum is presented to the public in its new framework in Hafnbarhúsid for a major retrospective. Numerous exhibitions are devoted to his work both in France and abroad. Several retrospectives were dedicated to him, in Paris 1985 at the Modern Art Museum and in 1999 at the National Gallery of the ‘Jeu de Paume’. In 2005, the Palma de Mallorca Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and the Mannheimer Kunstverein presented a retrospective exhibition of his works (1958- 2004) and the ‘IVAM’ in Valencia and ‘Alcalá 31’ in Madrid in 2006. He would always condemn the aberrations of our modern society: consumer-focused, mercantile erotism, revolutions, human rights denied, Americanization of our way of life.

Art pieces available

Jungle Fever • 143x92cm • Acrylique sur toile


Jeanne dArc • 79x42cm • Acrylique sur toile



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