Galeries Bartoux: a family group

Galeries Bartoux family group managed by Isabelle, Charles, Alexandre and Robert Bartoux includes fifteen galleries located in France and around the world. The first ones were created in cities whose history is associated with painting; Honfleur in 1993 and Saint Paul de Vence in 1995. Then in 2003 followed two other galleries opening in Megève and Courchevel, and later that year another one in the heart of the international art market and its globalization – Paris. A new one opened in New York in 2007 followed by the openings of Beaune, Cannes Croisette gallery, Singapore and London in 2015.

The aim of the founders is to reach the French and foreign audiences, making them sensitive to international art and giving them access to new cultural values. Therefore in every gallery a specialized team is dedicated to inform and advise guests and collectors.

Contemporary art: promoting it

Galeries Bartoux are specialized in Contemporary Art and also promote new artistic trends. They also offer the opportunity to rediscover works from the Surrealist – Dali – and of the New Realist – Arman, as well as great masters of Pop and Street Art movements.

Personal or collective exhibitions of either French or foreign world famous painters and sculptors are organized every year. Illustrated catalogs or Art books published by the Group are available during these shows.

Contemporary art: sustaining it

Numerous artists supported by Galeries Bartoux already have their works in private or public collections and have achieved tremendous works by answering the wills of local governments and architects concerned about integrating art as a social and patrimonial value into the cityscape.

This support for contemporary creation also joins in the wish of the gallery owners to see new works finding their places in private or public, French or foreign institutions, museums and companies.


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