Meeting between Michel Bassompierre and Nicolas Hulot

On the occasion of the monumental exhibition “FRAGILES COLOSSES” by sculptor Michel Bassompierre at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, former Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition Nicolas Hulot and primatologist Sabrina Krief met to discuss the urgent need to highlight the preservation of biodiversity. 

“When I look at a work by Michel (Bassompierre), it provokes what I have always called ‘the first step’, an essential step towards respect, it is wonder in a world that is quite materialistic. Art is a bridge to reconnect us to beauty.” Nicolas Hulot 

“Michel’s gorillas, male, imposing, with full forms, do not bear the trace of the hand of man. The sculptor offers our eyes polished, smooth bodies, without artifice. The artist has erased all traces of his fingers under which the soft curves were born. All that remains are the postures and looks, the proportions and the emotions, so accurate. Without any trace of humans … that’s probably why Michel Bassompierre’s animals are so peaceful and often joyful. In this universe, without blandness or softness, the man eclipses himself, sensitive and humble, to leave room for the animal and its elegance. If the harmony of Michel’s studio radiated all the way to the forests of Africa, what a relief it would be to see the same calmness in the eyes of the great apes…” Sabrina Krief




Exhibition from 30 April to 31 August 2021

Jardin des Plantes
Prairie de l’Amphithéâtre Verniquet
47 ou 57 rue Cuvier
75005 Paris