MAURO CORDA - New collaboration - Galeries Bartoux

MAURO CORDA – New collaboration

Galeries Bartoux has the honor to present its new collaboration with the artist and sculptor Mauro Corda.

Born in France in 1960 and now living in Paris, he studied at the Beaux-Arts of Reims and discovered a passion for sculpture. Fascinated by the research of his predecessors, he was able to overcome his influences by creating his own personality on the artistic scene.

Mauro Corda’s objective is not to seduce, he deconstructs the ideal norms of “classical” beauty to open our reflection on other points. The artist succeeds in bringing us to a particular beauty filled with tenderness and delicacy, his world and his universe touches us.

Mauro Corda does not lack imagination and dares to sculpt strange bestiaries showing his astonishing vision about fauna: ostrich-girafe, turtle-shark… His goal is to question Men about their actions on the planet and animal species. More recently, the artist decided to install relief portraits of athletes preparing for the 2024 Olympic Games in the Paris region. The great particularity of these installations is that those who wish can paint or graffiti these resin sculptures. The objective of the artist is to make the sculpture alive and to put it back in its natural universe which is the street.