Solo Show – Roberta Coni – Casta Diva

From 22/11/2018 to 06/12/2018
Exhibition location
Galerie Bartoux Matignon - 5 avenue de Matignon - 75008

Exhibition finished!

Galeries Bartoux is pleased to present the original exhibition of the Italian artist Roberta Coni. Through this exhibition in our Parisian gallery, you will discover in exclusivity the new works of the artist.

Roberta Coni was born in Marino (Rome) in 1976. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in 1999. Mainly interested in portraiture, she mixes the classical technique of oil painting with heavy paste of bitumen and melted wax. Since 2009, her artistic research has been oriented towards large format paintings, in which the face often emerges from the shadows.

An interpretation of the contemplative soul realized with the aim of a continuous introspection. His work is therefore characterized by its strong realism. There are feminine figures with poignant expressions, faces in the foreground and detailed, almost lenticular attention.