Emre Yusufi hypnotizes audiences with his visually impressive and theatrically bold art pieces. By merging elements from different time frames, Emre Yusufi highlights the transformation of ideas over time. The Turkish artist’s spectacular ability to provoke thought on identity and human nature is apparent in his latest collection of hyper-realistic sculptures, Hercules. The series represents a traditional statue of Hercules accomplishing a multitude of modern human tasks. By comparing the ancient figure against current day situations, the contemporary artist brings into question the roles of heroism, masculinity and recognized virtue in today’s society. When he is not posing or performing tremendous displays of ability and athleticism, Hercules can be seen intently reading, listening to music, being tattooed, and participating in everyday tasks which empower people through enhancing intellect, mood, and appearance.

Emre Yusufi combines a mixture of neutral tones, illuminated by rich infusions of vivid color. The balance and intensity of such hues assist in creating a signature, hyper-realistic quality, despite the subject matter’s fictitious nature. Although he lacks human flesh, Hercules sculpture is far from inanimate, delivering charming facial expressions and body language, even interacting with humans. Dramatic movement through smoke, splashing water, and beaming lights further assert the artist’s attention to detail in his spotless executions. With its stunning visuals and societal relevance, Hercules immerses the viewer in Emre Yusufi’s striking, yet playful depiction of masculine glory.

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