Pieter Wagemans was born in Merksem, near Antwerp in Belgium in 1948. At the age of 15 he went on to study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts under the tutelage of professors such as Jacques Gorus and Victor Dolfyn. During his studies Pieter refined the practice of life drawing, addressing nude and landscape subjects but increasingly focusing on still life.

Pieter has come to specialize in flower paintings, and his work bears reference to his study of artists such as David de Heem Willem Heda and Rachael Ruys. Painting flowers exercises the artist’s discipline and skills of composition, color harmony and expression. He is greatly inspired by the theme of Vanitas, viewing still life compositions as contemplations on the transitory nature of life.

Pieter has been awarded the Silver Award at the International Art Contest in Australia (1999) and the Golden Award at Le Trente d’Or in Belgium (2001). He has exhibited extensively across Europe, North America and Asia, and an ever-broadening global base of collectors is discovering his work.

Art pieces available

L’attachement • 80x80cm • Oil on canvas and gold leaf

Marilin • 130x90cm • Oil on canvas

The source • 90x200cm • Oil on canvas

Dangereuse beauté • 130x100cm • Oil on canvas



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