Antoine Stevens, is a French artist born in 1987. Through his career as a young artist, exhibitions in performances artistic, Antoine Stevens has created his leg and place himself legitimately by his talent in the art world. For ten years now, he exhibits throughout France, Luxembourg and Belgium. The artist draws inspiration from urban art but also from art “Classic”: his painting technique is that of urban artists and the represented subjects are more attached to the “classic” painting as a ode to the woman. Antoine Stevens places himself in a pictorial tradition of the representation of wife. Contemporary aesthetics, from drawing to acrylic painting through the graffiti, the artist explores all the techniques to make the beauty of the feminine, its power and its desire for the future. In his creations, Antoine Stevens uses different pictorial techniques to support his point: graffiti represent the contemporaneity of women he paints and bright notes are the medium of hope he chooses in a palette of softer and more sensitive colors.

A painting between “classical” art and urban art mixing the strength of the street with the
delicacy of the woman.

Art pieces available

Athena • 135x165cm • Technique mixte

Purple Rain • 100x100cm Technique mixte

Charlie • 105x150cm Technique mixte

Jasmine • 105x150cm Technique mixte

Poerava • 135x160cm Technique mixte

Gaza’s Birth • 166x125cm Technique mixte


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