SOCO lives and works in Lille. She develops a portrait gallery between darkness and brightness. Inspired by Viennese painters of the 20 th century, lowbrow school and street art, the works she proposes are the mixture of a marked graphic style and an instinctive painting by dripping.

“I remain attached to figurative painting. The art of portraiture is for me a challenge of incredible complexity and an inexhaustible source of questions. Beyond humanity, femininity is my favorite subject. The woman today, more than ever, is looking for her way, this quest in which I am engaged is expressed in painting. My painting seeks its way as my femininity seeks hers in a constrained and demanding universe. I see this activity as a struggle that results in a process of pictorial treatment oscillating between sensuality and brutality. The resemblance to the model matters less than the universalist scope of the questioning. This one, like the canvas, remains unfinished.”

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