Shuck2 grew up in Nanterre, a city in the western Parisian suburbs, where he was caught, like so many others, by the hip hop culture of the 80s. In a social context where violent actions were numerous, the different names of the gangs were to be written on the walls via the first tags. Shuck2’s passion for drawing, and art in general, quickly found a clear echo in this new way of expression. Becoming the leader of the TCP group (The Cobra Power) in the middle of gang warfare, he understood that he must escape from violence and began recruiting dancers and graffiti artists. He gradually transformed his gang into a creative crew that still exists today.

In 1991, Shuck2 joined with the DUC and participated on year later to the realization of the first ‘wall train painting’ on a Paris metro – in 30 minutes, a dozen graffiti artists covered an entire train, from top to bottom. A recognized achievement, reported in the pages of the popular “Descente Interdite” magazine.

The years 2000s offered new opportunities to the artist and allowed him to assert his reputation, exhibiting his work at the Grand Palais, the Palais de Tokyo, Palais de Chaillot, the Anna Nova gallery in Saint Petersburg, Drouot Montaigne, Hotel Rotschild, meeting with the Grimaldi familly in Monaco…

In 2009 he presented his first public sale at the event “Sell Graffiti Street Art” at ‘La Cigale’, organized by Cornette de Saint-Cyr. Since then he is present in every urban art key annual sales.

In 2014, SHUCK2 is recognized by the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ for participating in the realization of the largest tagged canvas in the world.

Recognized as an emblematic figure of French graffiti, SHUCK2 is registered as a trademark. His work, mainly composed of letters, demonstrates a search for balance, movement, perspective and depth.

Art pieces available

Who’s the best • 130x246cm
Acrylique et aerosol sur toile


Map Paris Métro • 126x106cm
Acrylique et aerosol sur authentique plan de Métro parisien grand format contrecollé sur PVC


FRENCH MAILBOX (Bad Boy Down) 2018


FRENCH MAILBOX (Surprise For You) 2017


Graffiti king • 130x247cm
Acrylique et aerosol sur toile



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