Isabelle Scheltjens had been interested in art since she was young. She studied at SISA, the Antwerp City Institute for Decorative Arts and Crafts. The magnificent glass design of her husband Dirk Neefs inspired Isabelle to work with the same material.

It took years of intense practicing and juxtaposing countless of pieces of coloured glass to refine her
method and truly master the colour theory. She developed a unique glass-fusing technique, whereby pieces of glass in different colours, sizes and textures are melted together at approximately 800°C. The colourful pieces of glass are like the dots of paint used by the pointillists: forming an abstract image up close, yet a dramatic and precise portrait from a distance. Isabelle achieves striking optical effects with her technique: she captures the dance of light and colour in a way that a photograph transforms it into a black & white or sometimes a colourful portrait – the fascinating result of a process that relies on the perceptive ability of the eye and mind of the viewer.

Art pieces available

Lucie • 152x114cm • Mixed media on canvas

Silence is golden • 152x114cm • Mixed media on canvas

Hermiona • 152x114cm • Mixed media on canvas

Kallista • 176x133cm • Mixed media on canvas

Jutta • 90x90cm • Mixed media on canvas

Julia • 133x101cm • Mixed media on canvas

Loreana • 152x114cm • Mixed media on canvas

FLO • 136x136cm • Mixed media on canvas

LIA • 166x125cm • Mixed media on canvas

AMABILIS • 166x125cm • Mixed media on canvas


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