Roy Lichtenstein was an American artist born 1923, died 1997 in Manhattan, New York.

Leading artist of the Pop Art movement with a very recognizable style which, at first glance, seems to be enlargements of comic’s strips. He knew how to transform comic tables in huge, elegant canvases. He refined his technique to sophistication by selecting very successful themes and he transformed a cold and mechanical cartoon image into something personal. He organized, redefined and exaggerated his images with the talent and skills of an old master.

Roy Lichtenstein had a meticulous technique: mastering the black line, ben-day process, intense colors. He showed a keen interest in life, love and death and for modern American society. His main works includes: Drowing Girl, 1963 (New York, Museum of Modern Art); ! Whaam 1963 (London, Tate Collection); As I ouvert Fire 1964 (Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum); M-Maybe (A girl’s picture), 1965 (Cologne, Ludwig Museum)

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